Book launch for The Caduca – Friday 26th March, 7pm

Come to my online book launch, with the All Good Bookshop, and hear me talk about the politics of the novel and what it all means.

Friday 26th March, 7pm

Meeting ID: 813 2545 3819
Passcode: 880298

Facebook event:

If you can’t wait, here’s me talking about The Caduca on the Conrad Press Youtube channel.

Marx and the Climate Crisis

From the youth climate strikes to the Green New Deal, climate change has moved up the political agenda. Marx’s analysis of capitalism provides the basis for understanding how the system’s destructiveness is driving the climate crisis.

Elaine Graham-Leigh shows how Marx’s ideas explain the climate breakdown and how we can create a society that protects both people and planet. This is a manifesto for system change as well as an account of why humanity faces its greatest crisis.

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