Review of The Caduca in the Morning Star

‘Another writer who knows how to make far-future, spacefaring stories leap from the page is Elaine Graham-Leigh, whose glitteringly good debut novel The Caduca (Conrad Press, £9.99) is an action-packed story about neocolonialism, the blood-soaked cynicism of liberal intervention and a resistance movement divorced from the people and trapped in a cycle of pointless violence and self-indulgent martyrdom.’

More reviews of The Caduca

Sean Sheehan at The Fantasy Hive says that it ‘spins an engaging tale that resonates with contemporary issues around legacies of colonialism, resistance and the treachery of politicos’, while David Gee says ‘there are echoes of Frank Herbert’s magisterial Dune saga, which sets Graham-Leigh up there with the giants of the genre.’

Thanks, both!