I have a number of articles on the history of twelfth- and thirteenth-century Languedoc. Mostly these are available online, but unfortunately only with a university subscription or payment to the journal publisher.

The academic tome has its own page here.

‘Justifying Deaths: The Chronicler Pierre des Vaux-de-Cernay and the Massacre of Beziers’, Mediaeval Studies vol.63 (2001), pp.283-303, online here.

‘Hirelings and Shepherds: Archbishop Berenguer of Narbonne (1191-1211) and the Ideal Bishop’, The English Historical Review vol. CXVI, no.469, (November 2001), pp.1083-1102, online here.

‘”The proconsul ruling in the city called Carcassonne”: memory, title and the Trencavel viscounts 1068-1209’, Historical Research vol.75, no.188, (May 2002), pp.170-187, online here.

‘Morts Suspectes et Justice Papale: Innocent III, Les Trencavel et la reputation de l’eglise’, La Croisade Albigeoise, Actes du Colloque du Centre d’Etudes Cathares, Carcassonne , 4, 5 et 6 octobre 2002, (Carcassonne 2004), pp.219-233.