Marx and the Climate Crisis

From the youth climate strikes to the Green New Deal, climate change has moved up the political agenda. Marx’s analysis of capitalism provides the basis for understanding how the system’s destructiveness is driving the climate crisis.

Elaine Graham-Leigh shows how Marx’s ideas explain the climate breakdown and how we can create a society that protects both people and planet. This is a manifesto for system change as well as an account of why humanity faces its greatest crisis.

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Review of Marxism and Women’s Liberation

A great review of Marxism and Women’s Liberation by Judy Cox on Counterfire.

‘This book is a timely and valuable contribution to the discussion about the causes and consequences of women’s oppression. The collection of four essays is very accessible and also very sophisticated. The authors provide a clear and coherent Marxist analysis of women’s oppression. By doing so, they explain why we are where we are and what we can do about it.’

I particularly like that she gets the importance of Cordelia Fine’s work on brain sex: ‘a fascinating debunking of these influential but fanciful theories’. Exactly!